Exciting Features of the oneplus nord 2 5G


The new smartphone from Oxygen App is the onerous nord. This device is one of the best devices that can be bought for the android users. The onerous now comes with an increase in storage space, from 16GB to more than twenty-four GB. This increase in storage space makes this handset so very easy to use and enjoy. It also provides you with a wonderful browsing experience.

The wonderful features and the advanced technologies provided by the smartphone, have made it one of the most wanted gadgets in the market. The onerous nord 2 comes with an enhanced memory module, which ensures better performance. The phone comes with a beautiful ample display with a high-definition screen. The ample screen gives you a bright, crisp, colorful display. It looks extremely elegant and chic and the stylish curves on the body add to the appeal. oneplus nord 2 5g

One of the most impressive features of the smartphone is its amazing multi-tasking features. This device comes with features like an enhanced virtual navigation with the help of the inbuilt widgets and navigation bar, amazing music player, excellent messaging apps like in messenger, etc., fantastic camera with high resolution imaging, excellent gaming features like awesome graphics and high resolution sound, innovative media player, internet browser with tab browsing facility, and many more. The high-end Android operating system also helps in boosting the speed of the device along with the overall performance. One of the best features of the smartphone is the excellent dual camera feature that comes as a freebie by the company.

Another exciting feature in the smartphone is the presence of a self-cleaning mechanism. This mechanism automatically cleans the handset without you having to press or squeeze any buttons. The mechanism uses the front sensor of the smartphone and the laser technology to detect dust particles, leaving behind just the pure quartz crystal glass for you to view your files and emails. This dual camera feature also allows the user to take multiple pictures and then merges them together to create a single picture with all the images captured in one shot. Apart from this, the HTC Nordic 2 has a brilliant auto reply feature with the option to customize the voice recording. The stunning camera also allows the user to remove the front camera from the equation altogether, which greatly enhances the functionality.

HTC Nordic 2 has one of the most powerful nano processors available in the market along with data-core processors and the Hcash architecture. With this powerful chip under the hood, you can be assured that you get the best experience with your new smartphone. Apart from this, the HTC Nordic 2 has two variants with different screen sizes that allow you to choose the one that fits your lifestyle. This is how the innovative feature of the HTC Nordic 2 5g can make your life more fun and active!

When it comes to the battery, the HTC Nordic 2 5g comes with a huge 3000mah mobile battery, which you can expect to last for a long time even when you are using the smartphone for long hours. The battery is also protected under the Hypoallergenic Shield, ensuring that your phone is protected from damage and all other damages. The display of the smartphone is also impressive with a qHD+ resolution and an elegant colour combination, thanks to the customizable screen cover.

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